Linking Microsoft Teams with Business Central

Business Central pairs brilliantly with a host of Microsoft products and it’s no different with Teams. Teams is a great resource for arranging meetings or storing files in a cloud system that can be amended by anyone at any time. Sharing resources and providing a great platform for communication is what makes it so popular. In order to start linking the two, click the URL at the bottom of the page.

Teams is an excellent resource for migrating data. It’s easy to make the mistake of saving data onto a user’s PC or separate storage network when migrating data. We want to avoid that at all costs, and so it’s great that Teams allows the user to put the files in a communal, cloud area where everyone has access to it. This in turn reduces the likelihood of having a business’ data saved in a location it shouldn’t be.

What’s new with Microsoft Teams?

Users can paste a link to a record within Business Central into a Teams chat box and it will load the card, displaying a neat arrangement of some of that record’s key details. You can see the all relevant details of the record if you click into the link. Almost any record link is available for you to paste into the chat. For example, an Item Card, Employee Card or the details of a sales order. With these links comes the benefit of not needing to go into Business Central to see the data. A simple but great change! Additionally, after you ‘pop out’ the link, you and your team can expand the visible details and make alterations without going into Business Central itself.

To access Business Central app using Teams, visit this address:

Teams is only supported to be compatible with Business Central online (SaaS). The app is only intended to function with versions subsequent to 17.0.X.X.

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