Extending Dynamics NAV

One of the many strengths of Dynamics NAV is its ability to be extended to provide specialist functionality. We offer a number of products, fully integrated into NAV, which serve specific industries as well users across the board.


Armada’s Equipment Rental Management package provides a complete rental business solution, fully integrated with Dynamics NAV. EQM allows you to understand the revenue and costs of every rental item, together with the utilisation and maintenance history, individually and by group or type. Many different type of rental items are supported, including:

  • Core rental units - structured on three levels (groups, types and units) linked to fixed assets
  • Accessories - accessories delivered together with rental items or separately
  • Bulk Items - sets with templates and individual rental per item
  • Sales Items - spare parts and consumables
  • Resources - labour and services
  • Miscellaneous Charges - fees for miscellaneous services, etc.

Information about revenues generated and costs incurred by each item can be easily retrieved. Workers involved in equipment maintenance can record the type and cost of each service task. Fully integrated with the standard purchase, inventory, service, fixed assets and sales modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, all costs and income generated by these modules can be displayed for individual rental items, types and groups. For example, a company that rents lifts will be able to measure the profitability of a unique lift, a certain type of lift, or groups of lifts.

The rental module allows customer-facing staff to check availability and establish quotes and contracts for the rental of equipment, bulk items and labour together with additional charges for consumables and for the establishment and termination of the rental contract. The module manages:

  • Rental Contracts - combined or individual invoices
  • Shipments - multiple lines with shipment date and on-rent date
  • Returns - multiple lines with off-rent date and return date
  • Rental Relocation Journals – moving between contracts and locations
  • Rental Orders - based on rental contract lines, shipments and returns
  • Rental Invoices/Cr. Memos - based on rental contract orders
  • Rental Document Corrections - corrections of posted rental invoices and credit memos

The availability calendar provides the user with the total overview of and access to the rental inventory: which items are rented to whom, which objects are available from which locations, etc.

Service and maintenance are integrated, including:

  • Planned Services and Certifications - based on counters or dates
  • Service Proposals - based on planned services
  • Workshop Orders - based on service proposals and repairs, misc. maintenance
  • Workshop Journals - time sheets and spare parts/item consumption
  • Workshop Invoices/Cr. Memos - posted workshop documents

Zetadocs Document Management

Document Management

Zetadocs has become the standard document management system within Dynamics NAV. Zetadocs Express is available free of charge and includes:

  • Zetadocs Delivery - Email any report directly from Dynamics NAV
  • Zetadocs Capture - Drag and Drop linking of files and emails to any NAV record

The Essentials and Plus versions contain further functionality. You will find the latest information on these, and Expense Management, on the Equisys website.

Netronic Production Scheduler

The Netronic Production Scheduler provides a graphical overview of the Production Orders and Capacity Load within the factory.

This high-level view gives the Production Manager a quick snapshot of the shop floor. Progress on each Production Order can be displayed by either time or quantity along with the due date. Production Orders that are behind schedule can easily be identified, highlighting potential issues which can then be addressed. A variety of filters can be set to modify the way the data is viewed.

The user can move the Production Orders / Operations back and forth in time to manage any capacity conflicts.  Operations moved past a Production Order's due date are immediately highlighted in red.  All modifications can be saved back to the Production Orders.

Netronic Service Scheduler for Dynamics NAV

Netronic Service Scheduler

The Netronic Service Scheduler provides a graphical overview of the Service Orders and Service Items and their allocated resources. Service Orders that have not had resource allocated to them are also displayed in the Backlog section. The user can allocate resources to Service Orders as well as view Capacity Load within the Service area.

The high-level view gives the Service Manager a quick snapshot of the business, identifying potential issues which can then be addressed. A variety of filters can be set to change the way the data is viewed.

The Service Manager can drag and drop a Service Order line from the Order Backlog list and allocate it to an individual resource or resource group.  The system immediately indicates if this resource has been overloaded in that time period allowing adjustments to be made.

All modifications can optionally be saved back into the Service Orders and Resources.

Netronic Service Scheduler for Dynamics NAV


CADLink provides a structured link between your engineering CAD system and the Production BOMs within NAV. BOM items are displayed within CADLink, highlighting engineering changes in the structure between NAV and your CAD system.  

CADLink working with Dynamics NAV

Cadlink automates BOM data transfer from your cad model, pulling information to create items and BOMs in Dynamics NAV.  This allow your engineers to focus on actual engineering work, and not data entry!

CADLink for Dynamics NAV


  • Green highlighted rows indicate new parts that will be created in NAV.
  • Yellow highlighted fields indicate discrepancies between NAV and your CAD system such as Description or Quantity.
  • Grey highlighted rows indicate items that will be removed from the NAV BOM.

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