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Over the years, we have been approached (primarily through recommendations) by companies asking for assistance to help resolve issues with “unsuccessful implementations” or Dynamics 365 improvement projects, where the projects have not delivered as per expectation. As long as we have been able to get access to the code (90% of cases), we have been able to help these companies out. These companies are now our long-term customers and happy to recommend us to other companies. Our usual approach would be to:

  • Have a frank discussion about the problems
  • Undertake a thorough review of the system and the original requirements
  • Document the review, giving a frank report of the findings
  • Prepare a corrective action plan and a budget
  • Agree deliverables, timings and success factors

Where we believed that it would be better to pursue a resolution with the existing partner, this is the approach that we have recommended.

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Streamline your business today.

Requst a free demo today, or speak to one of our experts.

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Mark Barron, General Manager, Halo Medical