Having the right ERP partner is just as important as having the right product. The role of a partner is to thoroughly understand your business and to use that understanding to help you implement an effective system that gives a genuine and fast return on investment.

When the system is live, a partner should provide high quality support and proactively consider the potential benefits to individual clients of new functionality and technologies. Sadly, not all partnerships are made in heaven...

Responsibilities of your Partner

Probitas believes a partner should fill many roles:

  • Understand clients' businesses
  • Provide responsive and effective day to day support
  • Proactively consider the benefits of new functionality and technology
  • Manage and deliver small and large scale developments
  • Deliver tailored Dynamics 365 Training

We at Probitas take our responsibilities very seriously and hope to be an important part your business success.

Finding an alternative Dynamics 365 Partner

Choosing a partner can be more important than choosing an ERP system. These are the people you will deal with on a regular basis, trust to understand your business and have your interests at the heart of everything they do. These are some of the factors to consider when choosing a new partner:

  • Passion - are they genuinely enthusiastic about what they do, or will you just be another pin on the map?
  • Knowledge of Dynamics 365 - do they have deep understanding of the product?
  • Specific industry knowledge - do they understand your business, or do you believe they are capable of understanding it?
  • References from clients - what do others say about them?
  • Staff turnover - are the people that learn your business likely to still be there in 6 months?
  • Client retention - do they value their clients or is it just a numbers game?
  • Track record of successful implementations - do implementations always go live? How do they deal with problems? Have they ever failed?
  • Use of proven methodologies. There is more than one way to run a project, but it should always be backed by a proper methodology
  • Consultants with broad experience. Do the consultants work across industries and clients? Industry-specific experience is excellent but experience of a range of sectors can help to create innovative solutions to problems
  • Financially stability. Who owns the business? Is there any debt? Are the owners involved day to day?
  • Focused on outcomes, not revenue. What drives them - is it the buzz from a successful project or sending the invoice at the end of the month?
  • Good working relationships throughout the organization. What feeling do you get from the people you meet? Do they work well with each other?
  • A good fit. Does their culture fit your culture?

We at Probitas take our responsibilities very seriously and hope to be an important part your business success.

What about my Bespoke/Customised Code?

Microsoft have based the Partner Channel philosophy on the fact that end user customers can easily and transparently move their licence from one Dynamics 365 Partner to another. Other than vertical add-ons, all bespoke/customisation code can be moved with the new partner having full access to the source code.

Streamline your business today.

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Streamline your business today.

Requst a free demo today, or speak to one of our experts.

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