Access Package Tracking with Business Central

Package tracking from a credit note in Business Central

Track packages from more places in the system.

Checking the status of a package is an essential element of many businesses processes, not least for maintaining a high standard of customer service. Previously, this information was only available from posted shipments.

To help provide faster access to package tracking information from your shipping agents, the package tracking feature has been extended. It can now be found on more types of sales documents. In addition to the Posted Sales Shipments page, it now features on the Posted Sales Invoice. It has also been added to the Posted Sales Credit Memo, and Posted Return Receipt pages.

You can enter the the tracking URLs for all your couriers in Business Central setup. The track package feature takes you directly to the courier’s website. The consignment no. is automatically entered and the up to the minute consignment information. will be displayed

For example, from a posted sales invoice, you can click ‘Process’ on the menu. Here, you will be given an option ‘Track Package’.

Update the tracking number

On Posted Sales Shipments you will also have the option to ‘Update Document’. This will will bring up a page where where it was not previously known. When you have entered the new tracking no., you can click into the ‘Process’ subheading again and this time, click ‘Track Package’.

An expansion to package tracking is one of the many new updates and features in the October 2020 update of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Based partly on feedback from users and partners, Microsoft release new features twice a year. If there is something you would like to see in the product please let us know and we will propose this to Microsoft.

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