Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is a set of low-code tools that let you develop custom end-to-end solutions. These tools connect Dynamics 365, Office 365 and hundreds of third-party apps to build unique solutions. Automate workflows, streamline processes and visualise data in a way that uniquely suits your business.

Power Apps

The Power Apps platform is designed to enable everyone from business analysts to professional developers to build apps that solve real business problems. Visual tools that don’t require code and an environment that enables data integration and distribution. Apps can be built and shared on any device and, for the more sophisticated requirements, the platform includes building blocks for professional developers.

Start from the Power Apps canvas, you can design the visual experience tailoring the app to specific tasks and roles. Apps work on most devices and can use controls such as cameras and location. Sample apps cover common business scenarios, such as expense reporting or call customer visits.

“Great, so within a couple of hours I can connect my plant control system to Dynamics Business Central and run the company from my iPhone?” Errm, no. Like all products, there is a learning curve and you will need an understanding of data structures and the technologies behind the systems. If you have a technical leaning and the time to undertake the necessary training then Power Apps can be a powerful tool. If you’re not sure, give us a call and we can tell you what is possible and help you to achieve it.

Power BI: Visualise Your Data

With Power BI you can build dashboards and reports based on one or multiple companies. Drill down into the data and customise how it’s presented, and even merge data from your other systems or external sources. Complex dashboards are best experienced from the Power BI portal but simpler graphs can be embedded directly into Business Central.

Moreover, real time reports are available on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.  Visualise your data in compelling charts that refresh automatically to provide up to the minute information. 

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Real time data

Power Automate

Power Automate allows you to automate and optimise your process by connecting your applications with time-saving workflows. From individual tasks to large-scale systems you can build seamless integration using hundreds of prebuilt connectors.

More than just the simple transfer of data, you can automate mundane tasks with robotic process automation (RPA).  This can range from attended RPA, where users initiate tasks or respond to prompts to fully automated tasks handled by bots

Time-consuming manual tasks can be automated with built-in AI capabilities.  The AI builder allows you to build, train and publish AI models. This includes tasks such as form processing, OCR and data classification.

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