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Over the last 15 years, Probitas has built a strong reputation for implementing effective systems that deliver real benefits to our clients. We really enjoy what we do (well, most of the time) and get a real buzz from seeing the work that we do make a difference. Our consultants have worked with Dynamics throughout its evolution, some since it was first launched as Navision in 1995. This experience means we can cut through the marketing to discuss the real benefits that Microsoft Dynamics can offer. Business Central is the latest version within the Dynamics lifecycle and the most sophisticated, intelligent system we have seen.

Large or small, standard or bespoke

Our clients range from small businesses running standard cloud solutions to multinationals running complex customised systems with hundreds of users. Business Central is very flexible and our experience implementing the system allows us to offer solutions that meet our clients’ needs and enhance their businesses.

Everybody makes mistakes and if something is wrong we will tell you, not 2 days before go-live but straight away when we can all do something about it.

Probitas - Experienced Business Central consultants

Tell it as it is

One of our founding principles is to deal honestly with our clients, building a level of trust that means we can give plain advice when you come to us with business issues. In the real world, people, processes, internal politics and external factors all have a bearing on the decisions people make. By understanding this we aim to make those decisions the best they can be.

No salesman will call

Everyone at Probitas is involved in delivering or supporting Microsoft Dynamics. We have no salespeople and our year on year growth has come almost exclusively from referrals. When you contact us you will be dealing with someone who is interested in outcomes, not targets.

Find out more about Business Central

To read more about Business Central itself, check out our page. If there are any guides you’d like to see from us in future, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Lastly, to never miss one of our posts, you can find us on LinkedIn. We’ll post as soon as any blogs go live.

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