The Latest news about Probitas and Business Central. Below are some news pieces you might enjoy, talking about what’s new in the Microsoft Dynamics world.

Routings in Business Central

After realising we had written a post on work centres back in July, it felt logical to follow it up with a piece on routings. Routings will only be relevant for users with a Premium Business Central license. This is because a routing is a key element to a manufacturing process; it’s a means of …

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Workflows in Business Central

Workflows are ways in which you can manage processes. Workflows can be used to automate actions based on other actions and are frequently used for approvals. For example, a workflow can be created to prevent a Purchase Order from posting until someone with the required authority sanctions the action. You can set Workflows up to …

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Customer Consignment Stock

Holding stock for a Customer is nowadays quite common and is often referred to as consignment stock. When considering the topic of consignment stock or inventory that has been allocated or reserved to a Customer, the key parameters to establish are: Where is the stock? Is it in your warehouse or Is it in your …

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Setting up Document Sending Profiles in Business Central

Document sending profiles are assigned to customers, specifying how documents are sent to them. Where they aren’t specified, Business Central will apply a default profile setup. To set them up, use the magnifying glass and search for ‘document sending profile’ and click the available option in the ‘pages/tasks’ category. From here, click ‘new’ and then …

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Overview of Manufacturing Costing for Non-Accountants

The aim of this blog is to give an overview of costing in manufacturing. This blog is written to be read by non-accounts personnel. From a costing point of view, Business Central offers ‘Standard’, ‘FIFO’, ‘LIFO’, ‘Specific’ & ‘Average’. When discussing manufacturing costing, we are going to consider only standard and FIFO costing. Technically you could also …

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User Permissions Explained

Permissions are integral to Business Central. They are customisable in order to allow particular users to perform specific duties. It’s the role of the administrator to set these, whether that be recently after an implementation or perhaps just amending or adding a specific individual at a later date. The factors the to consider here include …

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The Development of Business Central

Business Central’s evolution from spotty teenager to red carpet supermodel has been a journey filled with an eclectic mixture of different influences. So, what is the story of the development of Business Central? Back in 1984, Personal Computing & Consulting formed. A year later they created PCPlus, their first accounting system. Shortly after, in 1987, …

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Implementing Business Central

Can you implement Business Central on your own? Business Central is renowned for the amount of value you can get from each area within the system. And, with ample amounts of support and information icons, it can seem like Business Central is as simple to implement as it is to use. But the issue lies …

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VAT Group Reporting Receives an Upgrade

VAT group reporting from Business Central used to require manual calculations and consolidation. The good news is that Microsoft have now introduced functionality into Business Central to automate group submissions.

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