Switching from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has undergone a lot of change recently. And those advancements have led to Edge being the frontrunner of Microsoft browsers. Additionally, Microsoft have confirmed that as of April 2021, Internet Explorer will no longer support the modern Business Central client. This comes as no surprise as Microsoft look to push their updated Edge product out to a wider audience.

Why make the transition to Edge?

For those who favour Internet Explorer and the legacy version of Edge, Microsoft’s backwards compatibility functionality within the new version of Edge is a welcome sight. For those applications that were designed for Internet Explorer all those years ago, they still work with Edge whilst having all the other benefits of a Chromium engine. However, the legacy version of Edge will not support Business Central. In the same fashion, for those worried about having to redo their established bookmarked pages and passwords, don’t worry! They can all be imported across! This helps retain the familiar feel to the user, whilst switching to an enhanced operator.

So I suppose the key question when considering changing browser’s is what can this new model bring me? Well, it’s important to note Edge retains the familiar feel of using Business Central. What can be said for differences is that it’s a faster engine; expect any few second long delays for actions to be reduced dramatically.

Privacy has been positively adjusted, allowing the user to choose how their data is tracked. Microsoft have introduced a three level system for you to choose from: basic, balanced or strict. In addition to this, security has been vamped. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen has been introduced to Edge which checks each site you visit for any potential malware threats and also any downloads you make. Furthermore, the toolbar system has been revamped as to allow for complete flexibility and customisation on the user’s behalf, meaning any pages opened up can have their layouts modified, fonts altered and much more.

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