Dynamics Consultancy and Working From Home

It’s been a really tough year for many of us and we hope everyone is coping well! With the continuing advice still to work from home where possible, Probitas have adjusted to this new, enclosed lifestyle. One where the lines between work and home lives feel blurred… For some, the change has been welcomed. Like a number of organisations, the law firm Slater & Gordon have announced that working from home will continue even once the effects of the pandemic are over. For others, it’s been a bleak period, but it is gratifying to see almost all business now open again. Probitas have always tried to make the best of the situation. Having had nobody furloughed or departures of any sort, we are all fully committed to supporting you in a manner as normal as we can do!

Consultants smiling!

How has Probitas been affected?

Whilst we can’t speak on behalf of other Dynamics consultancy businesses, Probitas feel extremely grateful for the limited number of setbacks we have endured. Consultancy has continued as usual, with new systems implemented and new projects to support changes in our clients’ businesses.

Business Central ties in brilliantly with other Microsoft products, and they have proven worth their weight in gold. Using Teams and Skype, workshops and other meetings have been hosted to great effect. Consultancy is not the same where we can’t be together in person all day, but it has proven effective. Relying on features like ‘screen-share’ allows us to demonstrate features, or answer queries and display what it is we are doing to resolve them. We can also record any calls we have. This is brilliant for those who need their memory refreshed. Given how online meetings seem more tiring than those face-to-face, it’s more than welcome!

While we are now coming to a position where we can hold some meetings in person, we will continue to offer a range of options to work with clients in the safest and most effective way. Although nobody can say this for certain, we feel confident that we are equipped to continue supporting all our clients whatever the next year may bring. If you have any queries regarding consultancy or otherwise, feel free to let us know. Additionally, check out some of our other posts.

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