Dynamics Business Central and Brexit

Microsoft have written and published guidance on Dynamics Business Central and Brexit. If your business imports goods from the EU, exports goods to the EU or moves goods to and from Northern Ireland, you may have to make some setup changes in Business Central. You can find the latest advice from the UK Government here.

Trade across borders

There are new customs rules for importing and exporting goods. Although Business Central does not support customs documents as standard, new fields have been added for EORI Number and Supplementary VAT Reg. Number. If you would like help adding these to your printed documents, please get in touch.

Trade with Northern Ireland

If you trade across EU borders or other European countries and part of your business is in Northern Ireland, you should make some setup changes. The same applies if your business is in a European country and you trade with Northern Ireland.

  • Add your EORI number and/or Supplemental VAT Registration number (starting with “XI”) on the Company Information page.
  • Add Northern Ireland to the Countries/Regions list.
  • Specify this region on the relevant trading partners, such as customers and vendors.
  • Enter an EORI number for your trading partners, such as customers and vendors.
  • Set Northern Ireland on the Locations page as the region for any warehouse locations you have in Northern Ireland.

Intrastat changes

Northern Ireland now has a dual position in the EU. Goods moved into and out of Northern Ireland must be reported on Intrastat. You may have to edit the Intrastat journal to remove some lines. To help with this, a Location Code has been added to the journal lines. You can then filter the lines based on the Ship-from or Receive-to location.

VAT and Northern Ireland

If you have a warehouse in Northern Ireland, goods moved to that location will be subject to VAT. You can reclaim this VAT when you sell the goods. Business Central does not yet support this, or a number of other, VAT scenarios. If this affects your business, please contact us to discuss it further.

For more information on Dynamics Business Central and Brexit You can find the full article from Microsoft here.