Using Background Error Check Whilst Creating Journals

There is a new feature of Business Central that helps to prevent errors when posting journals. On the General Journal Batch page, ‘Background Error Check’ is an additional resource to your business’ reporting arsenal.

Clicking the tick box on Background Error Check allows Business Central to validate financial journals, such as general or payment journals, as you work on them. The screen layout will be different for General Journals which have this feature enabled and those that have it disabled. For those with it enabled, the General Journal FactBox will be present on the right-hand side. This will indicate issues in the current line and the whole batch. This includes an overview of data from journal lines, such as the G/L account, customer, or vendor, as well as the posting setup for specific accounts. Clicking on the values will take you to the detail behind it. The ‘Issues Total’ tile shows the total number of issues and clicking it will open an overview of the issues. You can choose to Show Lines with Issues or Show All Lines. It is all too easy to make mistakes when entering long journals. This new feature simplifies the process of spotting any mishaps and reduces the time taken needed to amend them.

So, in summary what are the key benefits of using Background Error Check?

  • Speeds up the process of creating journals
  • Provides another layer of scrutiny
  • Works on a line by line basis but provides a substantive overview of the number of issues in the entire report as well
  • Gives a clear visual breakdown of the data without limiting clarity of other content on the page
  • Is a toggleable feature for those who wish to do their checks manually

Make sure to look at the other new features coming in release wave 2 of 2020.

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