Probitas Connect

Efficiency through connectivity

Today’s world is all about connectivity, and systems integration is an essential driver for success in the modern business environment. More and more companies are outsourcing business functions or consuming external services. To realise the efficiencies and increases in profitability that this offers, the connectivity between those services becomes ever more important. Amongst other things, it needs to be fast, accurate, reliable, manageable and efficient.

Visibility and control

Probitas Connect uses the very latest technologies to offer a flexible way of meeting all of these requirements – all managed through the familiar interface of Business Central. The role centre provides real-time statistics and status updates on message queues, logs, documents and connected systems. Drill-downs give full diagnostic data to the level of individual messages and their content. Messages can be transmitted as-is, in different formats or interpreted and transformed as required.

Manage systems integration through Business Central

Data integration – connect and transform

Systems integration can be complex. Different systems use different requirements and protocols, some standard and some bespoke. Probitas Connect supports multiple standard technologies. In addition, custom or legacy protocols can be easily added as plug-in modules.

  • JSON
  • SOAP
  • CXML
  • SFTP
  • CSV
  • Web services
Message tracking

Current uses

These are just some of the current uses of Probitas Connect:

  • Receipt of supplier invoices and credit memos
  • Price and availability checks
  • Transmission of purchase orders
  • Confirmation of order acceptance
  • Updates to order ETAs
  • Real-time request and receipt price and availability information
  • Vehicle booking requests
  • Transmission of vehicle arrival data

To learn more about Probitas Connect, please contact us and speak to one of our experts. We’d love to hear from you!

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