Default Login Companies in Business Central

In Business Central, using ‘My Settings’, if permissions allow, users can select the company they wish to work in. In this short post, we are going to briefly discuss what defines the company you automatically log into each time you enter the environment.

A normal login scenario

Typically, the way Business Central works is that you automatically log in to the company that you were last in. So, if I was in a company called ‘Test’, when I next come to access the system, the system will default to that company.

Configuring which company other users log into

In Business Central, assuming you have the permissions to do so, you can set a user’s default company. This will be the company a user logs into when they haven’t been in the system before. This will typically be done by the system administrator with a ‘SUPER’ permission set.

User Settings page

On the User Settings page, against a user, you can put a value in their ‘Company’ field. What this will mean is, when they log in for the first time, this will be where they are brought to. This wouldn’t prevent the user from subsequently changing to another company. If you want to do that, the administrator could prevent access to other companies via permissions.

I have amended the Company field value to be CRONUS UK Ltd. The next time I log in, I will log into this company. However, if upon logging in, I decide to choose a different company, the next time I log in, it will be based on what I had previously, as opposed to the User Settings configuration. What this means is that this field in User Settings is mainly to determine what company a user should see on first use of the system. After that, the system will default to logging into the last company they were in.

Concluding remarks

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