Integrating Business Central With Shopify

Microsoft recently posted their plans for release wave 1 of 2022 for Business Central. This included a whole host of changes, but one which stuck out more than others was the Shopify connector. In this post, we’ll cover briefly what Shopify is, the integration between Shopify and Business Central and net result of it. Finally, we will touch on when it will become available.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a vastly growing, simple-to-use e-commerce solution. The system allows you to create an online store, utilise online marketplaces and social media to increase sales. Shopify is a cloud based product. One of the biggest draws of Shopify is its flexible, simple-to-use environment where users without experience in website development can customise the feel of their online store.

Integrating Shopify with Business Central

Microsoft are now working alongside the Shopify team, to integrate the two systems. The aim is to make a much more efficient process, saving time and increasing accuracy. This comes as a result of Microsoft’s continued desire to improve their products, which includes Business Central’s ability to share data to other systems.

What can we expect?

If we think about the benefits of this integration, we can pick out the strengths of each system. With Shopify, you get a customer-friendly online platform in which people can easily place orders. Users should always be able to see what’s currently in stock in Shopify, and trust that information is up to date. This information will pass over from Business Central. This can include item tracking details, where relevant.

When sales are made in Shopify, the changes to stock levels should pass back to Business Central. Any changes to records in Business Central should pass back to Shopify where they are relevant. This includes price changes, stock availability and customer’s details. As well as this, custom prices and discounts can be exported to Shopify. Any transactional history will still be captured in Business Central.

Users will be able to have multiple Shopify online stores connected to a Business Central environment.

When can we expect this?

The integration will be available for general use in April 2022, so hopefully by the time you’re reading this! This feature is not available in the on-premise version of Business Central.

Concluding remarks

If this topic interests you, you might be interested in reading Microsoft’s post on integrating Shopify with Business Central.

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