Document Sending Profiles in Business Central

Document sending profiles are assigned to customers, specifying how documents are sent to them. Where they aren’t specified, Business Central will apply a default profile setup.

To set them up, use the magnifying glass and search for ‘document sending profile’ and click the available option in the ‘pages/tasks’ category. From here, click ‘new’ and then enter in the description and code of your choice. Depending on whether this profile will be the ‘default’ option for you, choose whether to click the relevant checkbox.

After this you can customise the email and print settings. When you select email, it will give you options as to whether to apply default settings or require manual entry of specific ones. It will also let you select the format of any attachments that may be present in the document. In order to have this custom setup assigned to a customer, go to the customer who you had in mind. On their card within the general tab (you may have to click the ‘show more’ icon in the top right corner) you can select the profile you have just set up!

And that’s all there is to it! A very simple setup for something I’m sure you’ll appreciate on a day-to-day basis. If you have any queries, contact us here.

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