Implementing Business Central

Can you implement Business Central on your own?

Business Central is renowned for the amount of value you can get from each area within the system. And, with ample amounts of support and information icons, it can seem like Business Central is as simple to implement as it is to use. But the issue lies with what you can’t see. In short, the user can’t know what they don’t already know. The painful part comes, and this is so often the case, when the user’s attempt to implement the system goes wayward. They then look to a consultancy team to assist, by which point they have spent a lot of time and effort which could have been used elsewhere!

How we do it

Setting up a business in a system this sophisticated takes many hours and requires structured planning, typically on behalf of a well organised Dynamics Partner. Each process requires a step-by-step approach that the partner can guide you through. It’s often the case that clients will follow YouTube tutorials (which can be very good in the specific areas). However, they won’t know what prior setup each system has had to enable those on YouTube to show what they do.

At Probitas, through workshops, we can help implement the system to get the best from it. We will also show you what we are doing and why. Even after a while, when you are more confident in using the system, it’s always nice to have support available when needed! Choosing a partner that offers the right support and is available when needed is the first key step on your Business Central journey.

To learn more about implementing Dynamics Business Central, please contact us and speak to one of our experts. We’d love to hear from you!

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