Business Central has a multi-level, simple to advanced, system in place for warehousing. It ties in very well with inventory and manufacturing at its core, relates to the location of goods and the separation of duty between workers.

When I speak about separating out duties, I merely refer to the purchasing or sales department not having full control over where stock is allocated in the warehouse. With ‘Require Receive’ and ‘Require Shipment’, we can keep all the information tied to the whereabouts of stock in the hands of those setup as ‘warehouse employees’.

The degree to which you take this is up to the user. If you wish to make the process more granular, you can separate out the act of receiving and putting stock away into two – vice versa for picking and shipping stock!

You may be thinking this level of configuration might be time consuming and too manual a process. Well, employing the ‘Put-away worksheet’ can allow the warehouse manager to group all the stock needed for the put-aways into one place and sort them all at once.

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