Inventory and Manuacturing

From Navision to Business Central, one commonality throughout each product’s existence has been the presence of their expansive inventory and manufacturing module. This category holds articles discussing aspects of the module within Business Central. This includes tutorials as to how individual aspects work, relevant changes to existing features and more!

The key aspects related to the module are creation (of goods and components), assembly, storage, planning worksheets. All leading to the eventual release of the goods in a transactional form.

So breaking that down further, our blogs hope to detail specific elements from those broader areas listed above. Some of these focus on more broad and generic topics. For example, how different costing methods work in a manufacturing context. These are elements of the inventory and manufacturing module that might be more well known but hopefully everyone can pick up a thing or two from them. On the contrary, we have more nuanced articles. These take a dive into very specific areas of the module that you may only use a handful of times! These are often more complex but we try our best to break them down as well as we can. One topic we cover which is relevant here is consignment stock. This includes tutorial screenshots for relatability and detailed instructions to help guide users through each step.

The inventory and manufacturing module is a massive area and it’s still changing. We will continue to produce content that helps users throughout their Business Central journey.